Averting disasters requires knowing what CAN happen - Locally identify hazards, remove or mitigate them.
Global reinsurers need to know.  Failing can cost trillions.                Register your local risks today.

Avert Alert

Reinsurance Disaster-Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium

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Lower Risks with 
Investments in
Sustainable  Technologies 

     Building a sustainable future hinges on replacing technologies now in use with others which are non-polluting, long lasting, and both fire-proof and hydrophobic, for infrastructure and other construction needs.  This is one component in a list of essentials.  
     It is also essential we understand the risks we now face. making it possible to reduce these, again through innovation and intelligent investments.  
      If you are facing an unusual risk, in your neighborhood, or through your work or elsewhere, tell us about it.  Some of those reported to us originate naturally.  Others present themselves through negligence by others.  Let us know!    
ARDMAC is our tool for corrective action for the recurring problem with the abuse of power by those who, it appears, have no conscience.  

   Additionally, this same approach, which makes use of our proven investment and financing tool, Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) Finance & Finansurance, allows for all people to move rapidly toward both a sustainable relationship with the Earth and with each other in what we have come to refer to as a Sustainable, Humane Economy (SHE).  You can find out more about this approach to human economics at SHE

    All human tools have been examined and questioned as to their impact and, where needed, alternatives identified and tested.  This use of Cost&Benefit Analysis will be explained on our show,