Averting disasters requires knowing what CAN happen - Locally identify hazards, remove or mitigate them.
Global reinsurers need to know.  Failing can cost trillions.                Register your local risks today.

Avert Alert

Reinsurance Disaster-Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium

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Action Team

David Lincoln - Dave is our Director for data and oversight of risk analysis. He knits together our shows designed to let local people get the local information needed to defend their communities against polluters.  This includes integrating action with a redesign of our present infrastructures with insurance and accountability.   
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​Jim Davidson - Jim is our Chief of Security and handles capital funding.  

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​​ Melinda Pillsbury-Foster- Executive Director, providing integration between our front for accountability and interactive television.

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Howard Hinman - ​Howard handles contracts oversight with a long background in legal research at top law firms. 

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​​ Brock d'Avignon Handles media for Avert Alert and acts as our liaison to insurance and reinsurance companies.  Brock's background is in TV and education. 

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Christopher K. Boehr- Chief Technology Officer.

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